Self-Awareness Institute Self-Awareness Weekend, Level 2  
Some time has passed since your Self-Awareness Weekend.  You've had the opportunity to experience the results and grow into the new you.  Now it's time to ask yourself an important question:  Is your life as good as you want it to be?  And if not, take a moment to notice what the following question stirs up in you:
How much better can your life get, how fast do you want it to get there, and how easy do you want the change to be?

"Level 2 was exactly what I needed to go from feeling really "stuck" in my life to moving forward with a renewed passion!"   ~ Pat Cameron   [read more]

The purpose of SAW Level 2 is to solidify and expand upon the results you've already gained from attending your SAW, gain even more tools and insights with Level 2's 12 Results and experience new processes to support you in taking your life to the next level.

SAW Level 2 is for you if:

  • you didn't fully integrate all 12 Results at your original SAW
  • you want to feel more connected to your inner child
  • you need more support with growing from your child into your adult
  • you want to further minimize the influence of your Ego
  • you've experienced new challenges or traumas since your SAW
  • you're ready to explore more ways of being, experience more opportunities for growth and develop even more tools to succeed in life
SAW Level 2 will support you to take consistent action with staying in your adult, taking care of the needs of your inner child and re-educating your Ego Mind.

"SAW Level 2 gave me tools, confidence and a calm assurance that I am on the right path."   ~ Tina D.   [read more]

Just like your original Self-Awareness Weekend, SAW Level 2 is highly experiential, providing ample opportunities for you to practice your new ways of being, thinking and feeling in a safe, supportive environment.  Andrea and Shannon have designed SAW Level 2 to fully support you with powerful processes that will give you a direct experience of each of its 12 Results so that you can be:

  1. More emotionally complete.
  2. More comfortable in your own skin.
  3. More bonded with your Inner Child.
  4. More connected to others
  5. More inspired to express yourself.
  6. More empowered.
  1.  More personally accountable.
  2. More self-directive.
  3. More grounded in your authenticity.
  4. More focused on your life purpose.
  5. More in tune with the gifts of your Enneagram style.
  6. More self-aware.
2017 Dates

June 23-25
October 20-22
Friday 6-10 pm, Saturday 10 am - 9 pm, Sunday 10 am - 7 pm
(Ending times are approximate)

Best Western / Orchid Suites 130 N. Sunrise Avenue Roseville, CA 95661 916-784-2222

$1,195.  Payment plans available with $200 deposit.  See Registration Form for details.

"The Self Awareness Weekend Level 2 exceeded my every expectation.  I find myself taking more deliberate and purposeful action in every aspect of my life.  Level 2 rocks!"

~ Desiree Nielson   [read more]
Attend SAW Level 2 and learn how to live a more productive, solution-oriented life!

For further information, call Andrea at 916-966-0411.